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Current offer of our real estate office can be found on the portal The service Moja Realitka is brought to you by - the largest offer of real estate properties in Slovakia.

Reality ŠTVORLÍSTOK s. r. o.

----- 11 reasons to choose just cooperation with Reality ŠTVORLÍSTOK: -----

  • First of all, it is a human approach
  • Advice on how to best sell or buy real estate
  • Own high-quality photo documentation and if it is necessary to prepare the property before shooting
  • 2D and 3D floor plan
  • High quality presentation of the property on our website, advertising portals and social networks
  • Mediation of the sale, purchase and rental of apartments, houses, commercial premises, building plots and other real estate
  • Real estate financing advice in cooperation with our mortgage advisors
  • Full legal service provided with partner law firm
  • Preparation of an expert opinion
  • Elaboration of purchase contracts and proposals for deposit and real estate outside our advertising
  • The goal of our company in order execution is primarily speed and professionalism


Family house Sale

Family house, Sale, Brezová pod Bradlom
Sale, Family house Brezová pod Bradlom
47 500.00 EUR
(1 430 985.00 Sk)

Three-bedroom apartment Sale

Three-bedroom apartment, Sale, Senica - Sotinská - Sotina
Sale, Three-bedroom apartment Senica
77 000.00 EUR
(2 319 702.00 Sk)

Three-bedroom apartment Lease

Three-bedroom apartment, Lease, Senica - Hollého
Lease, Three-bedroom apartment Senica
530.00 EUR/month
(15 966.78 Sk/month)

Four-bedroom apartment Sale

Four-bedroom apartment, Sale, Gbely
Sale, Four-bedroom apartment Gbely
71 900.00 EUR
(2 166 059.40 Sk)

Cottage, weekend house Sale

Cottage, weekend house, Sale, Brezová pod Bradlom
Sale, Cottage, weekend house Brezová pod Bradlom
131 990.00 EUR
(3 976 330.74 Sk)

Two-bedroom apartment Sale

Two-bedroom apartment, Sale, Senica
Sale, Two-bedroom apartment Senica
59 000.00 EUR
(1 777 434.00 Sk)

Family house Sale

Family house, Sale, Gbely
Sale, Family house Gbely
105 000.00 EUR
(3 163 230.00 Sk)

Two-bedroom apartment Purchase

Two-bedroom apartment, Purchase, Myjava - Hurbanova
Purchase, Two-bedroom apartment Myjava
70 000.00 EUR
(2 108 820.00 Sk)

Cottage, weekend house Sale

Cottage, weekend house, Sale, Stará Myjava
Sale, Cottage, weekend house Stará Myjava
61 000.00 EUR
(1 837 686.00 Sk)

One-bedroom apartment Sale

One-bedroom apartment, Sale, Senica
Sale, One-bedroom apartment Senica
47 000.00 EUR
(1 415 922.00 Sk)

Garden cabin Sale

Garden cabin, Sale, Osuské
Sale, Garden cabin Osuské
28 500.00 EUR
(858 591.00 Sk)

Family house Sale

Family house, Sale, Šaštín-Stráže
Sale, Family house Šaštín-Stráže
179 000.00 EUR
(5 392 554.00 Sk)

Family-house lot Sale

Family-house lot, Sale, Myjava - Turá Lúka
Sale, Family-house lot Myjava
56 990.00 EUR
(1 716 880.74 Sk)