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Reality ŠTVORLÍSTOK s. r. o.

Bedsitting room apartment Sale

Bedsitting room apartment, Sale, Senica
Sale, Bedsitting room apartment Senica
38 000.00 EUR
(1 144 788.00 Sk)

Two-bedroom apartment Sale

Two-bedroom apartment, Sale, Senica
Sale, Two-bedroom apartment Senica
65 900.00 EUR
(1 985 303.40 Sk)

Three-bedroom apartment Lease

Three-bedroom apartment, Lease, Myjava
Lease, Three-bedroom apartment Myjava
450.00 EUR/month
(13 556.70 Sk/month)

Family-house lot Sale

Family-house lot, Sale, Senica - Košútovec
Sale, Family-house lot Senica
29 000.00 EUR
(873 654.00 Sk)

Family house Sale

Family house, Sale, Sobotište
Sale, Family house Sobotište
42 400.00 EUR
(1 277 342.40 Sk)

Four-bedroom apartment Sale

Four-bedroom apartment, Sale, Senica
Sale, Four-bedroom apartment Senica
75 900.00 EUR
(2 286 563.40 Sk)

Three-bedroom apartment Sale

Three-bedroom apartment, Sale, Jablonica
Sale, Three-bedroom apartment Jablonica
56 000.00 EUR
(1 687 056.00 Sk)

Three-bedroom apartment Lease

Three-bedroom apartment, Lease, Senica
Lease, Three-bedroom apartment Senica
500.00 EUR/month
(15 063.00 Sk/month)